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Beauty Tips


The night before a big event, just mix a dab of your shine serum with deep conditioner. Leave on hair for 15 minutes, then rinse out thoroughly. There you have it. Shiny hair.

For keeping your hair in healthy condition, use heat styling tools every other day, rather than daily . Your hair will look much healthier.


Color Glossing- Infuses intense moisture and shine into the hair while slightly enhancing color.

Hair color- A single process hair coloring technique custom formulated to update your color or cover stubborn grey.

Dimensional hair coloring- Technique used to create either a natural or a dramatic highlighted effect with the use of two or more colors.

Balayage/Foilyage- Technique used to create a natural control by hand-painting the hair.

Glamour Blonding- A popular double-process blending technique used to create a high-shining glamorous image.

Color Bonding- Refresh faded ends and mid lengths for a more balanced appearance. 

Decolorization- Eliminate unwanted pigment from the hair. 



To keep gorgeous locks, begin with getting your hair trimmed regualrly, this keeps the ends healthy and prevents splitting.

Don't wash your hair everyday so you retain natural oils that are essential to healthy hair.

Styling your hair daily can be as simple as changing your part from side to side, or taking it down the middle. If you want a bolder look, try zigzagging your part with your fingers or a wide tooth comb.

Make loose curls using large curlers on dry hair then spritz hair with hairspray. On low heat, blow dry your head. Don't  remove curlers until the hair is totally cooled. Remove and finger comb the curls. Spray with hairspray.

Do an updo with a stylish and elegant bun. Make a tight and clean ponytail. Mist with hairspray, gently twist the hair into a bun. Pin tightly.  Finish with hairspray.


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